Rugged Computing For Forklift Fleets

Rugged Computing For Forklift Fleets

Forklift trucks are the driving force behind effective warehouse logistics – and if you operate a forklift fleet, rugged onboard computers are an absolute necessity. This can mean a sizeable investment, so it’s important to make sure you choose kit that’s fit for purpose, robust and reliable. Without it, your operation could grind to a halt.


The benefits of ICT-enabled forklifts

Everything we do these days is governed by computer technology and it’s now hard to imagine running a logistics system without it. By equipping your forklift fleet with the right technology, you’ll make your operators more efficient and effective, as it means they can have access to accurate, real-time information while they’re working on the warehouse floor. It means inventory management is instantaneous and makes keeping track of assets a seamless operation.


Our picks for an effective ICT solution for your forklift fleet

Before you settle on which devices will best suit your needs, you’ll need to set some parameters. For example, do you need fixed computers or mobile devices that can move between vehicles? What level of ruggedness should you be looking at? What functions are essential? Will off-the-peg do, or do you need a customised system.


Here are some of our top picks:

  • Blaxtone PM-311B RuggON Tablet – this robust tablet features a high-performance fingerprint reader, MRZ read and multiple security functions, making it the ideal device for users who need high level security for public safety needs.
  • Rextorm PX501 RuggON Tablet – a big 10.1” screen makes this new fully-rugged tablet really user friendly. It boasts a wide range of utility functions, and is more powerful than ever before.
  • RuggVMC MT7010 – improve your fleet management efficiency with ARM architecture and a wide range of vehicle communications.
  • MW820 PrehKeyTec Keyboard – brilliantly rugged and easy to use, this new tablet is a great data-entry solution for mobile logistics.
  • RuggVMC VX-601 – the perfect balance of tough exterior and superb performance for intralogistics and cold chain logistics.
  • SIK-2500-BLACK PrehKeyTec Keyboard – a workhorse of a keyboard designed for heavy usage, the SIK-2500 has a longer life expectancy than other keyboards and is suitable for industrial and logistics applications.
  • IK-SAM-AT iKey SnapOn Tablet Keyboard – a snap-in-place rugged keyboard for use with the Samsung Galaxy Tab Active2 Rugged Tablet.
  • RuggVMC MT7000 – user-friendly and intuitive, the MT7000 is a powerful, purpose-built device for in-vehicle application.
  • SIK-21-NUM PrehKeyTec Keypad – the best data entry solution for challenging environments.

For advice and information on equipping your forklift fleet with the best ICT solution, talk to our experts on +44 (0) 1474 240 120.


UK-based RUGGED is your one-stop, go-to supplier with a wealth of experience in providing cutting-edge and cost-effective computing solutions specifically designed and innovatively engineered to operate reliably in demanding environments and conditions.  Add to that an unparalleled range of customer-focused value-added services, you will find all your RUGGED computing needs covered.

Need an innovative custom solution for your unique requirement?

Regardless of how simple or complex the requirements may be, RUGGED has the experience and expertise to provide you with the most optimal solutions to the toughest computing challenges. Whether you need to tweak a standard product or create an entirely new one, our product engineering specialists are standing by to execute your vision into an innovate and successful commercial reality.

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