RuggON: Providing your Industry 4.0 and IoT Solutions

RuggON: Providing your Industry 4.0 and IoT Solutions

Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things (IoT) are revolutionizing the way we do business. Automation, data exchange, smart factories, intelligent logistics, Cloud computing – it’s all part of the fourth industrial revolution. There are major gains to be made by embracing this new technological world – but it’s complex, dynamic and continually evolving. So how do you become a part of it?

RuggON Solutions for Manufacturing and Logistics

Intelligent logistics now plays a crucial role in managing operations and reducing costs. Smart operations and automation are increasing efficiency in the factory. These changes are being driven by technology, and businesses have an increasing need for highly functional devices that can process massive data volumes, communicate efficiently, are versatile in application, secure and able to perform in the harshest working environments.

RuggON rugged tablets and vehicle terminals have been developed to fulfil these needs, with robust features and flexible configurations. They are ideal for a wide range of manufacturing and logistics applications:

  • Food manufacturing – RuggON tablets are well-suited to the sometimes-harsh working environments in the food industry. They can cope with moving between a wide temperature range, from freezers and refrigeration to hot food areas and ovens. The IP65 water and dustproof casings, and the fanless design, means they cope in high humidity and in dusty environments. And they’re tough enough for the knocks and bumps of factory and warehouse.
  • Auto manufacturing – long shifts and demanding production processes means real-time data access and data sharing is required 24/7. Production managers, operators and inspectors need constant access to data, which is where RuggON tablets come in. In addition to powerful and uninterrupted wireless communication capabilities, they also feature hot-swappable and high-capacity batteries – as well as being tough enough for the job. Waterproof, dustproof, drop, shock and vibration resistant, they’re ready for work.
  • Fleet management – when you need to track, monitor and manage your fleet, cargo and drivers in real time, RuggON tablets offer the solution. They’ll get the job done, enabling you to improve customer satisfaction and reduce costs, and they’re tough enough for unpredictable road conditions, with comprehensive wireless technology.
  • Warehousing – RuggON rugged tablets and vehicle-mounted computers can help with order accuracy, on time delivery, monitoring and minimizing inventory and labour costs, while ensuring quick, competitive response times. These devices feature the latest processors, structural superiority, intelligent I/O interfaces and data capture functions. With the latest wireless technology and antenna design, you’ll enjoy faster processing, broader coverage and more stable and efficient data transfer.
  • Harbour – shipping port and container terminal logistics are massively complex, running 24-hour operations in all weathers. You can rely on RuggON’s tough and functional devices, with wider channel bandwidth for when wireless signals are hindered and optimized visibility for daytime and night time operation.


UK-based RUGGED is your one-stop, go-to supplier with a wealth of experience in providing cutting-edge and cost-effective computing solutions specifically designed and innovatively engineered to operate reliably in demanding environments and conditions.  Add to that an unparalleled range of customer-focused value-added services, you will find all your RUGGED computing needs covered.

Need an innovative custom solution for your unique requirement?

Regardless of how simple or complex the requirements may be, RUGGED has the experience and expertise to provide you with the most optimal solutions to the toughest computing challenges. Whether you need to tweak a standard product or create an entirely new one, our product engineering specialists are standing by to execute your vision into an innovate and successful commercial reality.

For further information please browse our website, email us at [email protected] or call us on +44(0)1474 240120  today!

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