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  1. DT-5K-FSR-IS Stainless Steel Intrinsically Safe Keyboard
    DT-5K-FSR-IS Stainless Steel Intrinsically Safe Keyboard
    iKey’s DT-5K-FSR-IS Stainless Steel Intrinsically Safe (IS) keyboard has been designed and manufactured to be suitable for use in hazardous locations. Learn More
  2. Aegex10 Intrinsically Safe Tablet
    Aegex10 Intrinsically Safe Tablet

    The aegex10 IS Tablet is purpose-built for use in the most hazardous zones of explosive environments. Incapable of igniting a spark, this patents-pending industrial device allows for superior mobile communications on dangerous job sites where traditional devices cannot be used.

    Learn More
  3. RG500-Atex Ruggear Smartphone
    RG500-Atex Ruggear Smartphone
    The RG500 from the RugGear range has been specially re-worked for different ATEX approval levels, now call the Innovation 2 or the Executive each model has a slightly different specification to support different usage applications. Innovation 2 – Zone 1 Ate Approved Executive – Zone 2 Ate Approved Compact form factor for use in any environment. Additional range of accessories available. Learn More
  4. DT-102-SS-XXX-AT2 iKey Keyboard
    DT-102-SS-XXX-AT2 iKey Keyboard
    Using computers and peripherals in hazardous environments presents its own challenges and consumer grade equipment simply isn't up to the job. In testing conditions, iKey's DT-102-SS-XXX-AT2 will prove itself more than capable. Learn More
  5. DT-102-SS-XXX-AT0 iKey Keyboard
    DT-102-SS-XXX-AT0 iKey Keyboard
    Hazardous environments call for robust peripherals that can withstand a variety of risk factors and the DT-102-SS-XXX-AT0 is one of iKey's DT-102-EX range of peripherals for extreme situations. Learn More
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